BI.ZONE to present its products and services at the ICC—International Cybersecurity Congress

BI.ZONE to present its products and services at the ICC—International Cybersecurity Congress

BI.ZONE is to become the general partner of the International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC) to be held June 20–21 as part of the Global Cyber Week in Moscow, at the World Trade Center
June 18, 2019

The company will present an extended line of products and services and take part in a panel discussion on breakthrough technologies for digital protection.

Panel discussion

BI.ZONE CEO Dmitry Samartsev will give a talk at the panel discussion “Cybersecurity Strategies: Breakthrough Technologies” where representatives of world innovation centers and industry leaders will discuss technological advances that can ensure the protection of organizations as well as identify global strategies for international collaboration to combat digital threats.


Among the reports presented at the numerous theme zones, several will be from the heads of the two BI.ZONE tech blocks. The Head of Expert Services, Evgeny Voloshin, will talk about the evolution of cyberattacks, the shift of the attacker’s focus from complex technological scenarios to sociotechnical ones, as well as a qualitative change in the approach to social engineering.

The Head of the BI.ZONE Technical Unit, Anton Okoshkin, will demonstrate in his report how important it is for businesses to comprehend the real level of cybersecurity of each employee in the era of mobility, remote access, “digital personalities” and a variety of devices that store sensitive information about each of us and our activities, as well as the company.

New products and services

BI.ZONE will take part in the exhibition program with three key technological areas. The company will provide flagship expert services that cover tasks ranging from consulting and proactive defense to investigating cybercrime and collecting evidence.

Two cybersecurity platforms from the line of BI.ZONE proprietary products will be presented at the event. These platforms have already proved to be highly effective in the financial industry: ThreatVision for organizing the exchange, analysis and application of information about cyber threats (Threat Intelligence) and BCFP for countering fraud in electronic payment channels (anti-fraud).

In addition, BI.ZONE will unveil for the first time an expanded range of managed security services—cloud solutions that allow organizations to outsource part of their defenses against modern threats.

VR stand

For an interactive feel for the problems of digital security, BI.ZONE invites attendees of the Congress to their stand with a simulation of a real city exposed to modern cyber threats. In a ten-minute VR game, the participants will be able to try on the roles of attackers and defenders: some will try to hack infrastructure objects while others will repel the attacks.

Cyber Polygon briefing

On the final day of the Congress, BI.ZONE CEO Dmitry Samartsev will take part in a briefing to surmise a separate event within the Global Cyber Week—Cyber Polygon, an online training exercise in international business cooperation in the fight against digital threats to be held on June 19.

BI.ZONE is a co-organizer of Cyber Polygon jointly with Sberbank. The company’s experts will simulate several common types of attacks on the training infrastructures of the participating companies. Among those are global organizations from the finance and telecommunications sectors, diversified holdings, and state structures.


The International Cyber Security Week (Global Cyber Week) will be held in Moscow on June 17–21, 2019. It is planned to bring together participants from more than 50 countries around the world—representatives of Russian and foreign government agencies, international organizations and transnational companies, as well as independent experts and researchers.

June 17–18, the Global Cyber Week is to kick off with the OFFZONE practical cybersecurity conference, followed by Cyber Polygon—an exercise on international business cooperation in the fight against digital threats to be held on June 19, ending with a series of business programs on June 20–21 as part of the International Cybersecurity Congress.