BI.ZONE to offer outsourced cybersecurity

BI.ZONE to offer outsourced cybersecurity

The extensive range of managed security services cater to organizations of any scale and size, allowing them to fully outsource their security processes against modern cyberattacks
July 10, 2019

BI.ZONE has announced the launch of its new commercial branch—Managed Security Services (MSS). This would allow customers to protect their infrastructure by accessing in-cloud information security services and solutions rolled out in the BI.ZONE Security Operations Center (SOC).

In order to respond to modern threats, companies would require qualified specialists and pricey equipment, which in itself entails big investments in staff training and technical maintenance. Yet, given the current state of affairs, many companies run into problems when looking for staff to cover all cybersecurity-related tasks. Small and medium businesses, though less vulnerable to attacks, have fewer resources to spend on protection and maintaining expert personnel. The growing demand for external resources satisfies both cases.

The Russian market is teeming with individual products and services in the field of cybersecurity, so we decided to approach the issue of providing protection in an integrated way. With our products, users can automate the processes of detection and prevention of cyberattacks, with our experts standing by to weigh in with recommendations at any stage—from security analysis and penetration testing to computer forensics. The new direction of MSS-services is designed to save the resources of companies by outsourcing the processes of protection. This approach allows us to maximize cybersecurity for businesses of any scale
Dmitry Samartsev

The services offered by the MSS include cloud solutions for email protection, DDoS mitigation and web application security, as well as services for administering security tools, monitoring and responding to incidents. All services are deployed in the internal BI.ZONE infrastructure, and they are based on the company’s proprietary developments and expert models for identifying various cybersecurity incidents. BI.ZONE’s collaboration with leading cybersecurity players enhances the effectiveness of the services provided. In particular, the DDoS protection service uses the Qrator affiliate network of traffic filtering, and the SOC services provide specialized solutions from leading vendors, including IBM. The cloud infrastructure components span across different sites throughout the Russian Federation in order to ensure high availability and reliability of the MSS.

Managed Security Services significantly speed up the process of creating cybersecurity systems as opposed to the traditional approach of integrating systems or creating a corporate SOC. Cloud solutions allow you to quickly connect the necessary protection service (within several hours to several weeks), all services are easily managed and accompanied by flexible reports in your personal account. From a financial point of view, MSS makes it possible to transfer the wage budget to OPEX and avoid capital expenditures on acquisition, installation and maintenance of expensive security equipment, which reduces the tax burden on the business. For convenience, all MSS services can be activated for a one-month free trial, giving customers space and freedom to decide on a permanent service subscription after the pilot term.

An important feature of our proposal is close cross-product integration. This allows users to get a complete overview of the security of their IT infrastructures in a one-stop monitoring center. We strive to preserve the simplicity and convenience of using our services, isolating only relevant information from the gigabytes of data describing the events in the infrastructure that helps the cybersecurity service to make quick operational decisions. By outsourcing routine functions to BI.ZONE SOC, company employees can focus on key business objectives, such as enhancing the maturity of cybersecurity processes and managing risks
Muslim Medzhlumov
Head of Managed Security Services, BI.ZONE