BI.ZONE is now a Netoscope member

BI.ZONE is now a Netoscope member

BI.ZONE has joined the security cooperation project led by the national TLD Coordination Center
July 26, 2016

BI.ZONE's participation in the project will help with:

Joint research on the types, indicators and contents of illicit information distributed in the national segment of the internet;

Modeling potential cyber threats;

Development of a common format for data exchange.

Upon gathering the above information, BI.ZONE's experienced team of phishing and spoofing experts will submit it directly to Netoscope.

According to Andrey Vorobyov, CCTLD Director, the cooperation with BI.ZONE is expected to be exceedingly fruitful due to its highly qualified specialists, and would definitely lead to the victory in the war against cybercrime.