Application Security Analysis

Identification of vulnerabilities at the development stage, acceptance work, as part of a major release or annual audit

Application Security Analysis

Security level assessment

Outsourced cybersecurity controls

Implementation of best practices in Secure Software Development lifecycle (SSDLC)

A team of professionals


We work with some of the largest banks, as well as IT and telecom companies; we have customers from e-commerce, heavy industry and the media (applications in the top 10 Russian App Store and Google Play).


Our employees are certified international specialists (OSCP, OSCE, CISSP), including on the vulnerabilities of web and mobile applications (OSWE, SANS 575).


Our experts teach security analysis at MEPhI, HSE, courses of Russian and European educational centers and corporate universities.


Team members constantly discover new vulnerabilities in the products of well-known vendors and speak at international specialised conferences.

Identification and remediation of weaknesses

Web applications

Automated industrial systems

Mobile applications (iOS / Android)

Online retail platforms

Desktop applications

Internet shops

Remote banking services systems

Cryptocurrency exchange

We help create a secure product

Do not miss critical vulnerabilities

You will know about all vulnerabilities at the stages of product design and development.

An assessment of threats and their level of criticality helps to understand what weaknesses are palatable for release, which are the most likely to attract attackers or expose to the greatest damage.

Make feasible corrections of weaknesses

You will receive clear recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities, taking into account the budget, deadlines and your team’s capabilities.

Oversee execution

An expert check will ensure that a dishonest developer has not left backdoors in the system, and that all obligations have been accurately fulfilled by the contractor.

Ensure compliance with standards and regulations

Vulnerability analysis will help bring the product in compliance with the law: Bank of Russia provisions 382-P and 684-P, standard GOST R ISO/IEC 15408.

3 of the 4 applications we worked with hid high-risk vulnerabilities. Attacking them could have lead to data leaks or breaching company systems.

We work around your schedule

Application analysis

When: as part of acceptance work, release or annual audit.

Why: to learn about poor-quality delivered by contractors or to detect critical errors in your own development.

Value for business: independent product security assessments, security suggestions, and vulnerability fixes.

Outsourced cybersecurity controls

When: at the development stage.

Why: to save on SAST and the security team efforts, as well as reduce the cost of fixing errors in the finished product.

Value for business: checking the security of the system from idea to implementation — at the stages of architecture development, during sprints and before release.

Setting up SSDLC

When: at the development stage.

Why: to automate software vulnerability checks, optimise resources and identify weaknesses at an earlier stage.

Value for business: a complete process of safe development — with the implementation of the necessary documents, practices and controls, as well as the training of employees.

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