Alignment with the requirements of the Bank of Russia

Modernisation of the cybersecurity system according to the Federal Law No. 161-FZ and GOST 57580.1-2017

Alignment with the requirements of the Bank of Russia

Current system status displayed

Development of a set of documentation

Implementation of technical solutions

Legal inspection support

Risks of non-compliance

Limitation and suspension of operation services

Exclusion from the registry of payment system operators

up to ₽500,000

Financial losses and damages to reputation following a leak

Bank requirements in numbers

information protection measures should be implemented by financial organisations in compliance with GOST 57580.1-2017

1 in 7
credit organisations is subject to annual compliance checks for 161-FZ — often unscheduled

High quality service

Certified experts

Our team is certified by some of the world’s largest agencies and institutions, including ISACA and BSI.

Effective project management

We use PMI project management methodologies, therefore we complete the audit on time and control its quality using a multi-tier system. Our customers can see what stage the work is at and how to evaluate its results.

Experience in the financial sector

Our frequent audits of financial organisations have prepped us to identify lurking bottlenecks. We know what the regulating authorities pay special attention to, and we understand when compliance with internal documentation carries more weight than legal formalities.

Understanding customer business needs

Our goal is not just to provide a service, but to help our customers solve a range of problems: protect themselves from fines with minimum costs, increase security and introduce best practices to optimise processes.

Be fully-equipped in time for the audit

Audit through the eyes of the regulator

The experts from our team have worked on behalf of the Bank of Russia, therefore they thoroughly understand the requirements and are versed in the most common deficiencies.

Legal inspection support

We help during the course of inspections. This includes providing legal and technical justification for the implemented measures and decisions.

Cost reduction

The technical requirements of protection include only what meets your model of security threats — there will be no unjustified purchases.

Attention to business processes

We study current practices with the client and develop recommendations so that effectiveness is not compromised.

Mandatory compliance

The Federal Law No. 161-FZ “On the National Payment System”

This law is mandatory for all subjects of the national payment system. Violations are punishable with bans on operations and fines of up to ₽500,000.

The State Standard GOST 57580.1-2017

The Standard should be taken into account by financial organisations when protecting information in accordance with the Bank of Russia regulations, including provisions 672-P, 683-P, 684-P.

The result is full compliance with the requirements

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